Friday, October 13, 2017

630-meter operation APPROVED

Received via email today (13 Oct 2017) from

"Dear John Harper (AE5X),

This notice is being provided to Approve your proposed amateur radio station in the 472.0 - 479.0 band(s) at the following coordinates:  30⁰ N 2’ 33”, 95⁰ W 14’ 96”.   UTC has determined that your proposed amateur radio station would not operate within a horizontal distance of one kilometer from a transmission line that conducts a power line carrier (PLC) signal in the 472.0 - 479.0 bands.

An amateur operator must not operate an amateur station if UTC responds that the proposed amateur station is located within 1 km of a transmission line with a PLC system that operates on the same frequency or frequency range.  Amateur operators are advised that their operations within 1 km of a PLC system could cause interference to PLC systems that are used by electric utilities to protect their electric transmission systems against faults and electrical outages.  Interference from amateur operations could affect the operation of PLC systems, thereby affecting the reliability of electric utility operations.  As such, amateur operators are advised not to operate any amateur stations within 1 km of a transmission line with a PLC system that operates on the same frequency or frequency range, and amateur operators will be subject to FCC enforcement for unauthorized operations, as well as potential legal liability for damages that result from interference caused by amateur operations to PLC systems.

Please direct any questions to the undersigned.

Mike Etzel"

I've cancelled my scheduled POTA activation for this weekend and will be working on my 630-meter antenna instead. WSPR transmitting set-up is ready to go (pending antenna) at the 22-watt level. 300 watt amp still a work in progress.

Details: posts labeled '630m'


  1. Just received my notice of approval for 136 and 472 on October 15 via email.

    Been hearing a few CW CQ calls on 472 kHz. Still working on my 472 transverter to put out about 100 watt signal. Have mixer and receive converter done. Plan to use it with my Yaesu FT718. Still need antenna work, will use my 160-80 meter inverted L with a loading and matching network.